Failed State

A journal record of the Venezuelan experience


How does Venezuela, a country with such riches, end up in ruin, and what does it feel like to watch it decay from the inside?

Failed State, a fictional narrative journal, aims to answers these questions and more from the point of view of an artist in denial. In this story, Venezuela’s crisis is observed from the personal perspective news-media always lacks. It also hopes to show the ways in which people’s skills, as underappreciated as they may be, have tremendous value.


Early entries from the journal.

The Artist

A look at the creator of Failed State.

Dani Lozada is a Venezuelan Illustrator currently based in New York. Their work can be seen in independent games, magazines and films. Dani’s work is driven by political issues in their country as well as the world. Their political illustrations have been featured in Latin American Illustration 7’s online collection.

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